GenGauge™ Software Projected to Save U.S. Utility $5 Million per Year

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (October 20, 2003) -- GE Power Systems announced today that it has completed the first installation of its GenGauge software, providing real-time cost-of-generation information to allow better dispatch and unit commitment decisions by power producers.

The system, purchased by a well-known U.S. utility, was brought online in late May. It currently collects and analyzes information from 12 units at three sites. Based on tests performed by the customer, they calculate annual savings provided by the GenGauge system will exceed $5 million per year, or $1,300 for every hour that dispatching is performed. The customer, who specifically asked to remain unnamed because they feel the system provides a significant competitive advantage after only two months of operation, plans to extend the GenGauge solution to 100 percent of their coal-fired sites.

John Burns, Product General Manager for a variety of GE's optimization software, including GenGauge, explains its unique value proposition: "Various software programs can optimize individual aspects of a plant, such as coal blending, but GenGauge is the first to synthesize all relevant data into real-time cost-of-generation curves---with the emphasis on real-time." Burns continues, "In the past, customers had to rely on cost-of-generation data based on long-term averages and estimates, updated monthly or even less frequently. It rarely, if ever, matched real operating and economic conditions at the precise moment a dispatch or commitment decision had to be made. GenGauge changes the game because these decisions can now be made using real-time data. Better data means better decisions."

In addition to real time cost-of-generation analysis, GenGauge provides accurate "what-if" capabilities, allowing customers to decide not only which units should be operating and at what load based on current conditions, but to project what actions they might take should conditions change. For example, in emergency situations, such as a key piece of equipment going offline, GenGauge provides essential information to determine how to continue plant operations and demand fulfillment at least cost until operations return to normal.

The software provides a total solution, including all services necessary to install, integrate, configure and commission the system. Training is also available, ensuring key personnel are able to use the system effectively.

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