The GE Store for Technology

Welcome to GE Global Research, also known as the GE Store for
Technology. Across our global network of nine technology centers,
we have more than 3,600 of the world’s best scientists and engineers
driving advanced technologies for all of GE’s industrial businesses.
They are part of a global team of 50,000 technologists across the
company driving GE’s future every day.

At Global Research, our scientists and engineers don’t work for one
business; they work for all of them. Their skills and expertise are
applied wherever they’re needed. Over time, they get exposure to
projects with different GE businesses that allow them to readily
transfer technical knowledge from one business to another. It’s part
of every GE researcher’s DNA to think and act in this way.

The GE Store is a place where every business can come for technologies,
product development and services that no one else can provide.
The work of our researchers ties directly into the operational plans and
product roadmaps of our businesses. GE business leaders meet with our
technical leaders once every quarter to review their portfolios.

What you will see and read about in the following pages are key
examples of the connections being made through the GE Store and
their value to our businesses. At Global Research, we rarely ever start
from square one on a new project. It was early testing of ceramic
matrix composite (CMC) parts in Power & Water’s land-based gas
turbines in the early 2000s that helped us realize these parts could
work in our jet engines for Aviation. The improved efficiency these
parts enable is a big reason why our newest engine platform, the
CFM LEAP, is the fastest selling engine in GE Aviation’s history.

The story of CMCs is one of many across our portfolio that illustrate
the knowledge, experience and broad scientific and engineering
skillsets GE businesses can pull from within our GE Store for
Technology to create new growth opportunities for the company.
It is the innovation engine that drives everything we do.
Enjoy your visit to GE Global Research. We are excited to share what
we are working on with you.

Mark Little

Chief Technology Officer, General Electric