GE Healthcare Hungary Continues to be Committed to Education and Knowledge Sharing

May 13, 2016

GE Healthcare is focused on looking for answers to the toughest healthcare challenges facing the world’s population. Given the decades of experience GE Healthcare has in the development of innovative technologies and software for the care of mothers and their babies around the time of birth, it is not surprising that many perinatal intensive care (PIC) units awarded with EU funding over the past few years in Hungary have chosen the systems produced by GE.  

The PIC unit of the Military Hospital - State Health Centre in Budapest has selected many GE Healthcare technologies such as  specialized incubators, ultrasound systems and multifunctional patient monitors, all of which  to help provide special care for premature babies. With its family-friendly approach, the work of the Centre has been recognized as a Hungarian best practice in perinatal care.

Providing innovative baby- and parent- focused technologies for the care of premature babies is not the only focus for GE Healthcare. The business is also committed to ensuring continued education and knowledge-sharing for perinatal health professionals. In line with this commitment, GE Healthcare Hungary has teamed up with the Hungarian Association “Right(s) Beside You” for Premature Babies, an organization whose aims are to support the early development of infants and foster improvements for parents.   GE Healthcare believes that close collaboration of perinatal health professionals and parents may help towards reducing the number of infants living with complications from premature birth, which, in turn, could help reduce healthcare costs.

Education programs supported by GE Healthcare Hungary

GE Healthcare is committed to education of healthcare professionals, striving to tailor its education programs to specific country needs.  In Hungary we have held several education programs, focusing on perinatal care. Examples include a country-wide roadshow where experts demonstrated GE Healthcare incubator to highlighting to doctors the key actions in the first and often critical hour following birth. In 2013, GE Healthcare teamed up with the Hungarian Perinatal Society to organize a unique one-day practical and theoretical professional training, for associates from 21 Hungarian Perinatal Intensive Care Centres (PICs) in the most relevant topics of perinatal care. In addition, given GE’s global reach, GE Healthcare continuously supports specialists’ participation in international conferences and professional development courses, international exchange of experience and professional dialogues. Besides professional cooperation initiatives, GE Healthcare has also established cooperation with parents’ organizations (e.g. KORE), indirectly contributing thereby to the education of parents.

Plans for the future - Education initiatives by 2020

Recognizing the complex challenge facing the healthcare systems worldwide, in July 2015 GE Healthcare announced its plans to invest more than $1 billion over five years in the development of its educational offerings to reach more than two million healthcare professionals worldwide by 2020, helping them improve healthcare from within through enhanced training programs and solutions for physicians, radiologists, technologists, midwives, nurses, biomedical engineers and beyond. Solutions will be geared to meet local needs and will include new clinical, product application, technical and leadership training and education.  

“The key to GE’s successful operations in Hungary is our culture of partnership with our associates, with local communities, with the business & scientific community and with the government. Being the strategic partner of the Hungarian Government, and also the partner of several Hungarian education, research and healthcare institutes, including the Semmelweis University, we are committed to help creating a modern and sustainable healthcare system for Hungary. We plan to enter into additional agreements in various sciences to achieve this goal” - highlighted Joerg Bauer, President of GE Hungary. “We are confident that care focusing on early development with a family-friendly approach will, in the long run, contribute to the reduction of healthcare costs and thereby the sustainability of care.”