GE Healthcare showcases breakthrough ultra-fast CT scanner for enhanced cardiology care at Arab Health

  • Revolution CT freezes the heart's motion in just one heartbeat without sacrificing image quality
  • GE Healthcare's ECG analysis and digital holter technologies in cardiology to support clinicians to manage rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the region

Dubai, UAE; January 27, 2014: GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) is showcasing its breakthrough ultra-fast CT scanner, 510(k)-pending Revolution CT^, which captures a motion free image of the human heart in just one beat, at Arab Health 2014, the Middle East and Africa's premier healthcare conference, being held at the the Dubai International Convention Center until January 30. This innovative technology enables clinicians to non-invasively visualize the human heart more clearly than ever before, and diagnose more patients with erratic or high heart beats.

According to published literature (the British Journal of Radiology), more than 60 per cent of patients referred to cardiac CT today were found to have heart rates higher than 60 beats per minute, and some are turned away from being scanned. With Revolution CT, clinicians can clearly see specific areas of the heart that were previously compromised either by a patient's movement, high heart rate, or a child's inability to hold his or her breath.

Maher Abouzeid, President and CEO of GE Healthcare for the Middle East and Pakistan, said: "It is estimated that the cost of non-communicable diseases across the GCC region will reach over US$36 billion, and the financial burden to diagnose and treat them is expected to increase to US$68 billion by 2022, if timely measures are not taken. Cardiovascular diseases account for nearly 28 per cent of the direct costs and 25 per cent of the indirect costs.**

"In a cost-constrained healthcare environment, clinicians need one definitive test that gives them the diagnostic confidence to make the right treatment decision for their patients. GE Healthcare's Revolution CT makes this possible through the convergence of spatial resolution, temporal resolution, coverage, and low dose all-in-one, providing uncompromised image quality and clinical capabilities."

The convergence achieved by Revolution CT enables comprehensive cardiac exams with anatomic and functional information in just one heartbeat, even with challenging patients and higher heart rates; rapid, whole-brain stroke assessment at low dose and dynamic liver, kidney, or pancreas oncology workup personalized with perfusion and vascular flow analysis.

The Revolution CT is engineered to wow, with technology advances including the 16 cm Gemstone* Clarity detector for whole organ coverage, best-in-class spatial resolution at 230 microns for visualizing small anatomy, and a 0.28 second gantry designed and tested for up to 0.2 sec rotation speed.

Combined with SnapShot* Freeze motion correction technology, the system delivers 24 msec effective temporal resolution for high heart rate imaging without restrictions.

The Revolution CT continues GE's commitment to even lower CT doses, with innovations such as the new Gemstone Clarity detector, a dedicated 70kVp scan mode for pediatric use, and ASiR-V*, GE's next generation of iterative reconstruction technology. For the patient, the system provides a wider, more comfortable 80cm bore and a quiet scanning experience with the new Whisper Drive system. Ultra-fast scanning with streamlined workflow makes it a perfect scanner for emergency rooms.

Among other innovative technologies for cardiology, GE's innovative MAC 2000 ECG Analysis System is another advanced solution that makes diagnosis faster and more accurate, with the power of the Marquette 12SL analysis program. Tool such as HookUp Advisor allow users to identify a quality signal before acquisition, helping avoid costly repeat ECGs. It's all part of a smarter, simpler workflow that lets you do more in less time---so healthcare professionals can focus on patients.

In the area of heart monitoring, GE is also showing the SEER 1000, a multi-channel digital holter recorder and wireless application for cardiac data collection and accuracy. For patients, knowing the leads are placed correctly and properly connected as the Holter study begins to monitor heart activity throughout the day provides peace of mind. With the SEER 1000 the hookup is precise and dependable making it simple for the patient and the technician to use. It features a custom app that is compatible with today's advanced wireless technologies, including tablets, smart phones and Bluetooth®-enabled PCs. The custom app gives visual guidance for lead placement and a clear view of signal quality. All of this can reduce the chance for poor data collection.

The Cardiology or Cardiac Intensive Care Unit specializes in the care of patients with heart or circulation issues, including heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmia and various other cardiac conditions that require continuous monitoring and treatment. Typical procedures performed include ECG and exercise tests to measure heart function and cardiac catheterization (coronary angiography) to detect blockages in the arteries.

At Arab Health, GE Healthcare is extending its support to leading conferences held on the sidelines of the event, including the Big Data Conference, Leaders in Healthcare, Middle East Anesthesia and Radiology Conferences.

Visit GE Healthcare's pavilion at Sheikh Saeed Hall, Booth No: S3B10.


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* Trademark of General Electric Company

** Source: Booz & Co report;

^ Revolution is 510(k) pending at FDA and not available for sale in the U.S. Not yet CE market, not available for sale in all regions.

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