Path Links, a pathology network in Northern Lincolnshire, upgrades to digital pathology to enhance cancer diagnostics capability



Lincoln, UK, 08 March 2016 – Path Links, the single managed NHS clinical pathology service operating across Lincolnshire, has upgraded to digital pathology to continue its focus on providing the highest quality diagnostic services for Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust and 186 General Practices across the county.

Path Links will be implementing a digital pathology solution, the Omnyx® Precision Solution™ provided by Omnyx, LLC, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and UPMC. The Omnyx Precision Solution digitises slides of human tissue and features a digital workflow that helps pathologists enhance efficiency and make more informed decisions when they grade cancer, including lung, prostate and bladder tumours.

“The case for digital pathology is compelling. By adopting the latest digital pathology solution we will provide clinicians with access to innovative diagnostic tools, with goals of achieving greater clinical accuracy, reducing diagnostic time in cancer care and creating real benefits to patient care,” said Mick Chomyn, Path Links General Manager.

Where tissue samples were previously stored on glass slides and viewed through microscopes, the Omnyx system allows clinicians to securely view, diagnose, store, retrieve, and share images digitally, accessing them on any computer connected to the secure network. Improved collaboration with the intuitive software workflow enables pathologists to obtain second opinions, permitting Path Links to involve a wider pathology community in its services.

“The Omnyx solution and GE Healthcare were the right choice for us. The compact storage of pathology images, a highly developed streaming system and affordable cost of ownership were all important factors together with their support to facilitating further integration and enhancement of established Lean working processes at Path Links,” said Chomyn.

With the upgrade, Path Links seeks to maintain its position as one of the leanest and most efficient laboratories in the UK(1). A review looking at NHS trusts in England and Wales concluded that the Lincoln histopathology department has one of the largest total workloads, highest productivity levels per member staff and lowest quartile costs per request(2).

“Digital pathology represents a logical next step in the development of the Path Links service; transforming what is already one of the most efficient and productive departments in the country. By facilitating greater efficiency and optimised processes, digital pathology is an enabler to meeting the challenge of rising demands for cancer diagnosis, faster turnaround times, and compliance with recommendations of the Independent Cancer Taskforce report, ‘Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes; a Strategy for England 2015 – 2020,’” Chomyn added.

“Path Links has stepped out as a pioneer in managed pathology services. Omnyx is a digital pathology solution provider committed to diagnostic excellence. Together we will summon an exciting new future in cancer diagnostics,” said Mamar Gelaye, CEO, Omnyx.

(1) Report of the Second Phase of the Independent Review of NHS Pathology Services in England.
(2) The Biomedical Scientist, 2010.

About Path Links
Path Links is a single managed NHS clinical pathology network operating across Lincolnshire. It was formed in 2001 from the amalgamation of NHS pathology services in Boston, Grantham, Grimsby, Lincoln, and Scunthorpe. Serving a population of approximately 1.2 million, Path Links processes 4.5 million specimens, performs 20 million tests and generates 5 million test reports every year.

About Omnyx
Omnyx, LLC, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and UPMC, is helping to transform the way pathologists worldwide work and collaborate. Through our Precision Solution™ that includes smart scanners, brilliant software and transformative consulting, all members of the cancer care team can work together to enhance patient outcomes.  Our vision is a world in which efficient and effective cancer diagnosis helps guide personalized patient care. Omnyx® products are for in vitro diagnostic use for specific clinical applications and are intended for research use only on other applications. For more information, visit

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