GE Oil & Gas signs agreement with TAG GmbH to install new Tuning Maintenance (TUMAS) Software on entire fleet of gas turbines

·         GE Oil & Gas signs agreement to install innovative digital solution across an entire customer fleet of aeroderivative gas turbines

·         The fleet will benefit from extended mapping life, improved availability and reliability

·         The contract is based on the successful implementation of a TUMAS test unit in Baumgarten C800

Florence, 29 November 2016: GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) has signed an agreement with TAG (Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH), a pipeline operator with stations across Austria to install its new Tuning Maintenance Software (TUMAS) Digital solution across their fleet of 16 PGT25 gas turbines.

TUMAS is a software program designed to improve gas turbine reliability and availability by increasing the elapsed time between mapping activities. By improving the quality of mapping, the turbine can run longer at a set level and not require further adjustments. The solution is designed to provide customers with a significant installed base across large areas with a solution which will allow them to reduce the amount of times a mapping engineer is needed on site.

This is the first time this solution has been rolled out across an entire fleet and is the result of a long-term collaboration program between GE Oil & Gas and TAG, started with the installation of the first turbines and including various upgrades to their control systems and software solutions. The TUMAS system was first tested on one of TAG’s PGT25 gas turbines for a period of 24 months to ensure its performance and durability in the field.

“The installation of our TUMAS system on TAG’s entire fleet is another example of GE’s digital platform’s power and adaptability, and demonstrates our commitment to continue to develop and refine solutions for our machines in the field” said Maria Sferruzza, General Manager Turbomachinery Solutions Services. “Our expertise in equipment design uniquely positions us to continue to develop software and upgrades based on what we learn from their operation”.

The new software will be installed on TAG’s fleet in the next three months.

“Partnering with GE Oil & Gas has helped us to increase the availability and reliability of our equipment ever since installing it. Installing a new software solution like this across an entire fleet of units is a big step and we’re able to take it because we worked in partnership with our supplier from the earliest testing phases through to a long-term equipment test in the field” said Massimo Arnaldi, Operations Manager at TAG.

With market conditions continuing to remain unstable, oil & gas operators are looking to maximize output while managing investment. Digital Solutions like TUMAS offer customers ways to make more out of their installed base, without having to resort to costly and complicated equipment changes.




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